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Re: wheezy installation

On Fri, 26 Aug 2011 10:39:06 +0200, Borys Takunov wrote:


> So I tried install from netinstaller and mini cd image. I chose testing
> or sid and tried gnome and kde. Both with same result: The installation
> works fine, but after rebooting the system cant access DE. All I see is
> "snow" instead of the splashscreen. The same applies when I install
> Debian without DE --- it's snow again and no terminal... Oh, and I tried
> different 3.0 kernels and 32 / 64 bit versions. Also tried to set a
> kernel option "nomodeset". Nothing helped.

Hum... I can understand that you get a blank screen when login into your 
DE (this can be indeed something related to the VGA driver in use) but if 
you can't even go to a terminal, that's more serious. So when you jump to 
a tty (Ctrl+Alt+F1) all you get is a white screen)? Nothing, nada? Can 
you ssh to the machine? :-?

> While booting I get the same error:
>  Code:
> [0.215148] pci_root PNP0A08 :00: adress space collision: host bridge
> window [mem {some numbers here}] conflicts with adapter ROM [mem {some
> more numbers}]


Without more conext this message can be totally unrelated to the display 
issue :-?


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