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Re: error from Klamav

On 30/08/11 19:18, Tony van der Hoff wrote:
On 30/08/11 10:03, Scott Ferguson wrote:
On 30/08/11 18:09, Tony van der Hoff wrote:
I am getting an error after the nightly scan by KlamAV as follows:

From: root@tony-lx.xxx (Cron Daemon)
To: tony@tony-lx.xxx
Subject: Cron <tony@tony-lx>
/home/tony/.klamav/ScanWithKlamav_170811104108.sh '/home/tony/'

Which Debian release are you running??


That script "used" to be for KDE context menu a long time ago.

It's not on my systems (also Squeeze)... what are the contents (of the script)??

cat: /home//.DCOPserver_tony-lx_:0: No such file or directory
call failed
QLayout "unnamed" added to Klamav "KlamAV ", which already has a layout

Does anyone have any clues to what this means, and more importantly, how
to fix it?

Thanks in advance,

Has the process previously worked successfully??

No. I recently installed it with synaptic, configured it to scan my
home, and left it at that.
It seems to be looking for .DCOPserver_tony-lx_:0 in /home, whereas that
file actually exists in /home/tony.

I noted that the path to that was wrong - hence my focus on the script that appears to start the scan. From memory the default install of klamav requires changing of /var/lib/clamav or updates won't work - though I don't see how it would be related.
An earlier google showed a similar bug report from 2008 for Suse.

I haven't tried scanning my entire home - I'm just going to try it now on an unused desktop. If that is successful I'll try calling the scan from cron - how did you call the klamav scan from cron??


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