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Re: 2TB file system

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 12:31:53PM -0400, Rick Pasotto wrote:
> I recently acquired a 2TB SATA HD that I have not yet installed. It will
> be used entirely to store media files. Would there be any problems in
> formating the entire disk (no partitions) as an EXT4 file system?
> Any other considerations?

If you like living a bit more dangerously than the preceding
suggestions, you could use btrfs.  You can use subvolumes to
obviate the need for separate partitions or LVM.

Obviously this comes with a caveat: btrfs is still regarded as
"experimental", though I'm using it in exactly this manner, now for
over a year now without trouble.  It's still lacking a fsck tool,


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