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Partition not mounted. Was Transplanting old System to New Drive

After using dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb bs=10M, I got a copy of a
boot drive's image on what will eventually be the new boot
drive. The new drive is about half again as big as the old drive
and research plus several previous answers from this list has
lead me to try the following strategy:

Use fdisk to delete all partitions including the active one but,
of course do not write anything just yet.
Make a new primary partition whose starting cylinder is the same
as the old primary but place the end point where one wants the
new primary partition to end.
Use resize2fs to fix the file system.

	I was able to remove the old swap partition with no
trouble but when I went to delete partition 1, fdisk tells me
that this partition is already mounted and to use umount. It's
not mounted but since /dev/hda1 is, I suspect that this
information exists in the image, making fdisk think /dev/hdb1 is

	Is there a way to convince fdisk that hdb1 is not

Thank you.

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