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Re: Running a script on monitor connect/disconnect


> (...)
> Just a quick note here. Not sure if you have tried with "krandrtray" or
> better yet, as you are using the ATI closed drivers, you may test their
> catalyst control center utility to handle video screens (resolution/
> position, etc...).
> I bet with the open radeon drivers this would be very easy to achieve...
I used krandr as well, but it has a bunch of bugs in 4.6 that got fixed for 
4.7, so I went one level down and used xrandr directly. Even if krandr worked, 
I would not know how to set up a default configuration that's automatically 
applied on boot, or should it do that automatically?
I used to get a message from KDE saying a new screen was attached and whether 
I wanted to open the KCM module, but since the KCM module for display 
management has even more bugs than krandr, I disabled it and now I do not know 
how to get it back. Maybe doing so and upgrading to KDE 4.7 will indeed solve 
my issues (if the Plasma bugs I ran into got fixed as well).

On my old installation I used the AMD catalyst, it's horrible - changing the 
multi-monitor setup requires a reboot, and it meddles with the Xorg.conf in 
bad ways. Not to mention a strange screen overlap issue (one column of pixels 
from the left screen appearing on the right one). Really, what I got running 
now is already much better than anything I was able to do with that tool :D

Kind regards,

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