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Re: /etc/inittab not executed upon starting X with startx command

Ivan Shmakov wrote:
> > Tech Geek writes:
>  > However, I want to do a auto login into my fluxbox (instead of user
>  > typing in username and password in xdm) and I still want the basic
>  > login console on Serial Port 1. So I removed xdm package (apt-get
>  > purge xdm) and added the following line to my /etc/rc.local:
>  > su - user -c startx
>  > Now my system does the autologin into fluxbox but I no longer get my
>  > login console on Serial Port 1.
> 	I guess that the inittab(5) entry in question is only started
> 	after rc.local finishes.  Therefore, starting startx(1) in the
> 	background may help.

Good catch.  Almost certainly that is the problem.  The rc.local is
still running.  Here is an additional clue:

> >  $ ps -ef |grep getty
> The above command returns nothing I.e it looks like getty is not
> started at all.

Not even other console logins?  Normally there would be all of the
virtual consoles there.

  $ ps -efH | less

I expect that to show that rc.local is still running.  And so it was
never able to move on and complete the boot up sequence.


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