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Re: setting up a static IP address

On Mon, 15 Aug 2011 11:49:24 +0000, I wrote:

> I asked my organization to assign me a static IP address within their
> network, and they obliged.  The problem is that every time I boot now, I
> still get the old address in DHCP space that I had before.

On Mon, 15 Aug 2011 11:58:06 GMT, Volkan YAZICI replied:

> You sure "ifconfig eth0" still doesn't return


> Did you restart the networking service? That is, "invoke-rc.d networking
> restart"?

I had not tried that.  I had tried booting and assumed that would also
restart the network.  So I tried your suggestion.  That did in fact set eth0
to the desired static IP while producing this error message:

"Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not
enable again some interfaces ... (warning)."

However, on rebooting I was once again assigned the dynamic IP
In case it matters, I'll mention that I'm running Wheezy.  The kernel just
moved up to 3.0.0-1-686-pae on Friday, but this IP problem predates that.


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