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Re: Leafnode is refusing remote connections

Daniel Bareiro:
> I recently migrated my Leafnode server to a OpenVZ virtual machine. I
> copied the /etc/news/config configuration file, but I can not get
> connect from a remote client (slrn).

The leafnode authors decided to make it (more or less) difficult to
use leafnode from machines which are not in leafnodes own subnet.

Either you change your VMs network settings (can't help with that), or
you use the hint from your syslog:

> Aug 14 01:53:36 hermes leafnode[1219]: Refusing connect from defiant.freesoftware ( to hermes.freesoftware ( (my fqdn: hermes.freesoftware), outside the local networks. (Check config.example.)

See /usr/share/doc/leafnode/examples/config.example and search for the
"allowstrangers" option. Make sure to read the complete paragraph.

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