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Re: LVM write performance

On 08/14/2011 09:14 AM, Dion Kant wrote:
> The good and problematic block sizes do not really coincide with the
> ones I observe with dd, but the odd behaviour is there.
When testing on Linux kernel, I found that a sync()
call did not give any guarantee that the buffers are actually written to
disk.  This forced me to start using writing through a file descriptor
so I can use fsync() to determine the moment where the data is really
written to disk. Now the results coincide with the ones obtained with
dd. It is obvious that dd will use file descriptors as well. Forget
about the previous results, they will be wrong because of libgcc stream
buffering and I did not check how these buffers are actually written to
kernel space.

Now I obtain:

dom0-2:~ # ./bw
Writing 1 GB
     bs         time    rate
   (bytes)       (s)   (MiB/s)
       128   66.6928   16.0998
       256   57.1125   18.8005
       512    57.219   18.7655
      1024   56.6571   18.9516
      2048   55.5829   19.3179
      4096   14.9638   71.7558
      8192   15.6889   68.4395
     16384   16.3382   65.7197
     32768   15.2223   70.5372
     65536   15.2356   70.4757
    131072   15.2417   70.4474
    262144   16.4634   65.2201
    524288   15.2347   70.4802

Best result is obtained with Stan's golden rule bs=4096 and a lot of
interrupts when the bs is not an integral multiple of 4096.

        int fd = open("/dev/sdb4", O_WRONLY | O_APPEND);


        gettimeofday(&tstart, &tz);
        for (int i=0; i<Ntot/N; ++i)
              written+=write(fd, buf, N);
        gettimeofday(&tstop, &tz);


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