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Re: Installing firmware not available in the kernel

On Sun, 14 Aug 2011 14:25:51 +1000, yudi v wrote:

>> The card seems detected so why not installing the suggested firmware
>> (review the mentioned doc for instructions on how to do this) and check
>> if that works? :-?
>> I am not sure how to do this. 

There has to be some instructions in the docs... let me check it.



1. How to use?
1.1. Firmware

Most of the USB drivers need to download a firmware to the device before 
start working.

Have a look at the Wikipage for the DVB-USB-drivers to find out, which 
firmware you need for your device:


And we follow that link we can see it explained ("Firmware" section) 
which seems to be just a copy/paste of the blob into "/lib/firmware 

> should I just copy dvb-usb-af9015.fw to
> /lib/firmware

Yep, so it seems and afterwards, re-connect the card.

> Or should I install kernel 2.6.34?

I would try first with the firmware... who knows, maybe it works without 
much headache :-)

> To install Kernel 2.6.34 or higher, I believe I need to enable
> backports.

Yep, and is not a task I would recommend to people with no experience in 
linux. And don't take me wrong, I'm using linux since 8 years and I'm 
still very reluctant to update/install a new kernel :-P
> I plan to install nvidia's driver and I had a problem before where every
> time after a kernel update (this was under Ubuntu), nvidia driver would
> break. I don't want to be in the same situation again.

That's the sort of things I meant... things can break and you have to 
know what to do and how to restore them. So before messing up your 
system, you can check if the card works from a LiveCD that has an updated 
kernel (≥2.6.34).

> Once I setup the system I don't want to spend too much time fixing it.
> Whats the best option under this situation?

In order of (my) preference:

1. First, try with the firmware
2. If it does not work, test with a LiveCD

And based on the results you get, you can take whatever action you prefer.



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