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Re: Backup Software

Paul E Condon <pecondon@mesanetworks.net> wrote:
> writing the include/exclude filter for the underlying rsync is
> non-trivial --- should I write an exclude for the private key in .ssh/
> ? Etc.

I make a backup of my (work) laptop both to a system at the office (which
in turn gets backed up to tape) and to a big drive on a system at home,
where I work a couple of days a week. The home backup includes my private
keys; the work one doesn't. You might prefer not to back them up anywhere
except to a USB key you keep in your pocket.

So yes, these sort of questions are important but once you have them
out in the open fairly easy to handle.

For the specific situation you mention, I find this seems to work for me:
    rsync --exclude '.ssh/id_*' ...


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