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Re: Doc for configuration RAID

On Thu, 11 Aug 2011 20:09:40 +0200, abdelkader belahcene wrote:

> *I want to add to my working system, disks using RAID. 

You mean "software raid" (md), "fake raid" (dm) or "hardware-based raid"?

> I found doc for Fedora ,  the packages used are not the same in debian
>  ( it seems to me, for example on fedora  there are commands like 
>  mkraid
> and raidstart
>   I didn't find them in debaian package : I installed mdadm dmraid   ),
> please somebody tells me where to find an easy doc to configure the raid
> for debian.

"Easy" and "raid" words cannot go on the same sentence >:-)

Documents for software raid should be under "/usr/share/doc/mdadm/*".



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