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Wheezy kernel bug

This is my first time reporting a bug, so bear with me. I installed Debian Squeeze and performed a dist-upgrade once. From there, I changed my sources.list to point at Wheezy and have regularly performed a dist-upgrade. Everything is reasonably stable, with the exception of the kernel. My laptop contains an Intel Express 4 Mobile chipset, and every kernel from 2.6.38 onwards leads to a black screen during booting, and no way to get a console to diagnose the problem. Kernel 2.6.35 boots without problems.

I've seen the same issue on Ubuntu and Linux Mint, though not on the 32-bit edition of Linux Mint, so it is probably a kernel issue on 64-bit systems, though I have not discounted the possibility of the Intel driver being the source of the problem.

Tony Gallagher

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