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wheezy won't boot any more.

Just upgraded a squeeze system to wheezy.  It rebooted and ran just fine 
(except that my scanner still doesn't work, but that's another issue.)  
Then I did dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc.  It checked it was safe to adopt the 
new parallel boot, and subsequently the machine booted faster.

But today it won't boot.  It seems to start up fine, but then it gets 
suck after the message "Starting NFS common utilitues: statd"

Any ideas?

By the way, before that, udev gaveme some worrisome messages:

udev[786] failed to execute '/lib/udev/dmsetup-env' '/lib/udev/dmsetup-env 
254 1' No such file or directory

This message repeats with different numbers from [786], and comand-line 
parameters of

   254 2
   254 3
   254 4
   254 2
   254 1
   254 3
   254 4

Then there are messages

Setting up LVM VOlume Groupe.  Reading all physical volumes.  This may 
take a while
  Found colume group "lovesong" using metadata type lvm2
  5 logical colume(s) in volume group "lovesong" now active
Starting NFS common utilities: statd

and then it hangs until I reset the machine.  control-alt-delete does 

It may be worth mentioning that /boot is on a secondary partition, and 
that / is on a logical volume that's in the colume group 'lovesong'.

The machine still boots properly using squeeze and lenny, (using 
different secondary partitions and different logical volumes for /boot 
and / ).

Any ideas?  

-- hendrik

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