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Re: how to change root passwd (if forgotten)

>>>>> abdelkader belahcene <abelahcene@gmail.com> writes:


 > then I decided to remove passwd from /etc/shadow (delete the
 > second field).

 > OK, now I can access my machine without passwd, BUT I CAN´T GIVE ANY

 > # passwd*
 > *Changing password for user root.
 > New password:
 > Retype new password:
 > passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

 > any idea to fix the problem.

	Running pwck(8) may give one more information on the issue.

	Then, I'd make a backup for shadow(5) and try to use pwconv(8)
	to fix the inconsistencies reported by pwck(8).

 > thanks a lot *

FSF associate member #7257

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