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Re: Best linux Distro 2011

On Aug 8, 2011 12:31 PM, "Chris Brennan" <xaero@xaerolimit.net> wrote:
> On 8/8/2011 11:36 AM, shawn wilson wrote:
> > I would have gone with slackware. But that's just me. :)
> Slackware is a great way to learn Linux without many 'isms to worry
> about. Slackware 4.x/5.x was my first distro to try on my own and I used
> it for a very long time. It taught me the fundamental basics of what I
> needed to know about compiling software and it's dependencies. It's
> something I do recommend to people who want to aggressively learn Linux
> without the overhead of learning how a specific OS does something.
> Granted I haven't used Slackware since 9.1 so I have no idea how much
> has changed since then...

Heh, as far as learning, slackware was like a quick kick - learn or die sorta thing. Yes, linux has changed. Distros with different kernel patches that do different things (ubuntu *cough*). Hell, I didn't even realize that someone had been patching screen to provide a vertical split all this time until I went to compile it and the feature wasn't there.

Yes, there's tons more (or less) in a distribution than most people realize. And the more I use linux, the more I like the distributions with the less attitude to things. I used slackware between v2.x to v4 and then moved to debian and now I'm back to slackware. Sorta interesting how that worked.

However, I think any article or blog saying why this distro is the best thing since sliced bread has totally missed the boat. I can understand why businesses or software firms may say only use this or we only support this - it makes things level for everyone who needs to support it. But for an individual (or indeed for a business) to never consider other distributions is short sighted. I find a use for debian (for quick testing of software), slackware (for development), ubuntu (for a desktop that I'm not going to do much else with), and I'm thinking of getting some FreeBSD servers going (yeah, they're different but still posix).

So there. That's my 'best distro' comment for the day. Hint: there is none!

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