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Easy way to restart network

Dear List,

What is the recommended and easy way to restart network subsystem on a
desktop without need of rebooting the computer?

My installation is a home use, multi-user, family sort of thing

I have CDC_ETHER broadband connection to an ISP. Cable modem is plugged
to na USB port.

eth1 is ISP
eth0 is home-net rooted to WiFi
I use NAT (ip_masquerade)

Time to time, say once in a week, I need to restart network for various
reasons, connection drops by ISP, does not come up at system boot, etc. 

On Lenny I used to, as admin, execute something like this,

# restart network
su -c'\
modprobe -r cdc_ether;\
modprobe cdc_ether;\
cd /etc/init.d;\
./networking stop;\
./networking start;\
./arno-iptables-firewall restart;\
cd -\

On Squeeze, it sometimes complains that eth1 device does not exist yet.
My idea is to automate the task, and set a watchdog over ISP connection,
and call a safe script when it drops to bring it up again.

Many thanks.

Tomas Kral <thomas.kral@email.cz>

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