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Xfce4 becomes unresponsive after a period of rest

Hi list

I'd send this to the Xfce users list except that list is too slow to catch a cold and as I am using Debian, I thought that the collective wisdom of Debian Xfce users here might be a better bet.

I have recently decided to give Xfce4 a try on Debian stable. The WM itself is pretty cool actually and has a very low memory footprint and better release of swap than does Gnome.

However, one of the issues that is making me very wary of adopting Xfce4 full-time is that in the morning after leaving my machine on over night, some applications just won't launch. For example, update-manager indicated that there were 2 updates this morning, so in Xfce4 I clicked on the relevant icon in the panel and nothing happened ... no U-M was launched. I then tried some other icons I have on the panel (e.g. swiftfox) and still nothing; finally, I tried some applications from the menu and these didn't launch either. The system was still running (conky displayed CPU usage, etc. in real time), but no application was launching forcing me to log out. This is not very reassuring.

In terms of power management settings, the computer is regarded as idle after 20 minutes which leads to the screen blanking out, and the display is put to sleep after 30 minutes. The computer is never "put to sleep". This is the same as when I use Gnome, and although Gnome may be a memory hog at times, at least when the display is reactivated, everything works.

Can someone give me a few suggestions for things I could look at with respect to this that may result in the lack of responsiveness, or even a few tips on what to try next time Xfce4 locks up like that.

Many thanks for your thoughts.


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