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Re: Install on new iMac - Ethernet?

On 6/08/11 1:01 AM, Camaleón wrote:

On Fri, 05 Aug 2011 17:03:26 +1000, Mike Hore wrote:

I've tried installing Squeeze (via NetInstall) on a brand new iMac
(Intel i5 processor), but early on it tells me it can't find an Ethernet
connection.  It gives me a big list of drivers to choose from, but I
can't see my Ethernet card there (Broadcom 57765-BO).  So I can't
proceed further.  Is this a known problem?  Should I try a weekly
Testing build?

You may need to install a backported/updated kernel. It seems that
support for that card was included in kernel 2.6.34:


Thanks -- I was planning on switching to Wheezy anyway, so I'll try the Wheezy netinstall.


Two things prevent Debian from working flawlessly on (June 2010 model)
Mac Mini. First is that Nvidia MCP89 is broken. Second is that BCM57765
ethernet chipset support first appears in 2.6.34.

Both issues can be solved by upgrading to linux kernel 2.6.35. After
that, everything in squeeze/i386 seems to be working fine (2010-08-28).


Cheers,  Mike.

          Mike Hore        mike_hore@aapt.net.au

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