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Re: thread issue

Hello List:

just use a job scheduler as SLURM:



On 04/08/11 16:23, lina wrote:
Thanks for suggestions,

Actually I got a job which contains several small jobs inside.

if run the bash script, it will do those one by one and it is pretty
slow, waiting ...

I can run each small jobs separately, but use a bash script kind of
easy to make some changes in amount and manage.

I just wonder are there some simple way to do it?

another question, if I don't have root previlege, can I adjust my nice
level in some cluster? I noticed mine NI was kind of 19, totally crazy

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 10:15 PM, Frank Lanitz<frank@frank.uvena.de>  wrote:
Am 04.08.2011 15:12, schrieb lina:

I noticed when make -j 8, the 8 cores can be fully occupied.

can I use some way to enable 8 cores at the same time when I run
something, such as a bash script?

Hard to say as it depends on the software you are running. On shell
scripts you might can do it by intelligent forking of processes doing
the single tasks.

How can I fork of processes doing each single tasks?

Other applications do need to support multi threading in most cases
already inside source code.


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