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Re: how to examine ssh problem

On 04/08/11 09:15, Ivan Shmakov wrote:
Alan Chandler<alan@chandlerfamily.org.uk>  writes:

  >  (I actually have loads of these in my config file for all different
  >  combinations of username and host - I also tend to make different key
  >  pairs for each host which is why I am specifying an IdentityFile in
  >  each.)

	Why?  The asymmetric cryptography employed by SSH is there
	precisely to /not/ have multiple “secrets” on the side of the
	party being authenticated.

Two things
1) Legacy through a desire to limit issues when I was carrying around the private key on a laptop,
2) Lack of thinking things through on my part.

What I should really do is consolidate down to one key for my static desktop and another key I am prepared to dispose of if the device its in gets lost.

I like to have a private key with no pass phrase to use within the privacy of my own home. Obviously anything mobile needs a pass phrase to protect it.

Alan Chandler

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