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On 8/4/2011 9:40 AM, AG wrote:
> GNU/Linux - and the *BSDs - are great systems to learn computing on. 
> For the transition though I would strongly advise against using the new
> system as your production system ... in the early stages of your
> learning curve there is the real risk that you can trash your system
> completely, so only install on a partition or a computer that you can
> play around on until you can become more familiar and confident with the
> system you are using.  This is also why you will need to set up a root
> a/c and a user a/c and only ever use the user a/c for working on the
> system unless the system requires you to be root.  In which case, try
> safeguards such as using the shell command su or sudo to temporarily
> grant root powers to the user.
> Otherwise, welcome to the world of GNU/Linux Debian and good luck.
> AG

A great list of suggestions AG. A great alternative if you don't want to
dual-boot or use a whole system is to use a Virtual Machine such as


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