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Re: S-Video on Debian

Dear Brian,

On Tue, Aug 02, 2011 at 01:39:40PM +0100, Brian wrote:
> The changelog for xserver-xorg-video-intel documents bug fixes for
> TV-OUT made a few years ago. Nothing else since.
> >         mode:   NTSC-M
> >                 supported: NTSC-M       NTSC-443     NTSC-J       PAL-M       
> >                            PAL-N        PAL          480p@59.94Hz 480p@60Hz   
> >                            576p         720p@60Hz    720p@59.94Hz 720p@50Hz   
> >                            1080i@50Hz   1080i@60Hz   1080i@59.94H
> The default TV standard is NTSC-M, which is ok if the television is
> built for it. Otherwise
>    xrandr --output TV1 --set mode PAL

Even this didn't help. Strangely, the TV standard isn't even defined
in my case; there has to be a driver issue.

I'll try getting fresh drivers from Intel asand building them this
weekend to see if that does me some good.

Thanks for the help!

Are Linux users lemmings collectively jumping off of the cliff of
reliable, well-engineered commercial software?
		-- Matt Welsh

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