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Re: Re: MiniDLNA and wav files

> 2/ To discard a problem with the media file itslef, have you tried to 
> play another set of wav file samples?

Yes, I have and each of them failed

> 1/ To dicard something wrong at the "roku" side, have you tried to use 
> another client media player to play the wav files? 

It turns out the issue is on the roku side. Apparently it can't play wav files if served through a 
DLNA server. 
My Asus Eee Pad TransFormer turns out to be both a DLNA Digital Media Controller (DMC) and Digital 
Media Player (DMP). And when playing the wav file on the device itself, using MiniDLNA as Digital 
Media Server, it plays the wav file just fine (as well as other wav files).

> Just some thoughts...

Thanks for that :)


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