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Re: wicd

Thanks for the replies.  As I mentioned, I did switch the environment
on the laptop to gnome, and thus switched to networkmanger with the
gnome-networkmanager-applet.  This did work for me, but then for some
reason it indicated "wireless disabled" with this being greyed out (IE,
something impossible for me to enable).  After an endless amount of
time searching the internet, I found one user who stated that her/his
laptop had a button that activated the wifi hardware.  So, I looked and
found only the latch, which also had something that sort of seemed like
it could be a button, and upon pressing it I suddenly found that the
applet was finding wireless networks again.  So, I'm thinking that when
I reinstall lxde on the laptop, that maybe I'll have the same luck and
get it working too.  I'm now thinking it is either loose wires or
gremlins or something, rather than a problem with the set up of the
wireless networking software.


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