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Re: 3.0 kernel fails to compile

On 08/01/2011 08:21 PM, Stephen Powell wrote:
I haven't tried this out myself yet, but this may be another symptom
of Debian bug report 635536.
At the very least, the above bug report illustrates that there
are known problems with kernel-package with the 3.0 kernel.
I assume that Manoj is working on it.

My understanding is that the Debian Kernel Team recommends using the 'make deb-pkg' target now; they argued that kernel-package should be considered deprecated, but Manoj wanted to continue supporting it since so many people have used it for so long and there is nothing really wrong with it (until now, though it's probably easy to fix).

I just finished building my first linux-3.0 custom kernel using the deb-pkg target, and everything works fine. (I frequently test cutting-edge upstream changes to the radeon driver and mesa, and these often involve changes to the radeon DRM in the kernel.)

I was a long-time user of make-kpkg, but since I learned how to use the in-kernel deb-pkg target I have been taking the Debian Kernel Team's advice and recommending building custom kernels that way.

Dave W.

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