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Re: More than 150 up-to-date Debian howtos & tutorials online (server, virtualization, etc)

On 01/08/11 09:06, Christoph Pilka wrote:
Hi, there's lot of work I've done to document all the stuff, so I'd
really appreciate if anyone here has the time to translate the howtos.
The idea with the copy back sounds fair. But please don't forget to
refer the original work within your translation ;-)


Would you mind if they were copied to the official Debian wiki - if I
translated the ones that are only in German you could then copy them
back (if that sounds like a fair trade).

Thank you Chrisoph - I probably won't get a chance to start until this weekend, and I'll need to check with debian-www first. The link to a business that "might" be a problem. If not possible to include a link your site I shall contact you.


P.S. The Asterisk guide is great!

“As long as one person lives in darkness then it seems to be a responsibility to tell other people.”
~ Bill Hicks
This how-to collection is dedicated to a variety of topics related to the free operating system Debian GNU / Linux. Since I use Debian, both for my own projects, as well as for customers, including a variety of servers, I decided to discuss a selection of frequently recurring themes and issues, and to publish in the form of how-tos and tutorials.

As Debian GNU / Linux does an excellent job on both servers and desktops, I have divided this collection of how-tos accordingly.

All tutorials are designed for easy setup, and to provide the required knowledge that the system administrator should have in order to understand the processes involved. Even if all the howtos have been repeatedly validated, there may be some confusing information or mistakes. This is to be expected with such a complex collection of howtos and tutorials, so please add comments on the relevant pages ;-)

Currently the following howtos and tutorials are available:
Debian GNU / Linux on the server
Basic infrastructure

    Installing from a USB stick (Debian 5.0)
    First steps after installation (Debian 5.0)
    DHCP server (Debian 5.0)
    BIND 9 DNS server (Debian 5.0)
    Samba File Server (Debian 5.0)
    Debian system change from German to English (Debian 5.0)
    Automatic monitoring of services via daemontools (Debian 6.0) 


    Lighttpd Web Server + PHP5 + Perl (Debian 5.0)
    MySQL + PHP5 in Lighttpd (Debian 5.0)
    Hedge Lighttpd Web server using SSL (Debian 5.0)
    Nginx + PHP5 (Debian 6.0) 


    PostgreSQL database server (Debian 5.0)
    PostgreSQL + PostGIS (Debian 6.0)
    Redis (Debian 6.0)
    Reset the MySQL administrator password (all distributions) 


    Plone 3 Unified Installer via (Debian 5.0)
    Plone 3 via buildout (Debian 5.0)
    Plone 4 via buildout (Debian 6.0)
    Drupal Multisite & Nginx (Debian 5.0) 


    Virtualisation using Xen 3.2 (Debian 5.0)
    USB hard disk in Xen domU guest use (all platforms)
    VMware Workstation 6.5.1 (Debian 5.0) 


    Backup using bacula (Debian 5.0)
    BWayne as a Web interface for bacula (Debian 5.0)
    Bacuview (Debian 5.0) as a web-based monitoring solution Bacula
    Backup via rsync (Debian 5.0) 

E-mail & Groupware

    Postfix & Dovecot mail server (Debian 5.0)
    Open-Xchange Server (Debian 5.0)
    Zarafa and fetchmail (Debian 5.0) 


    Asterisk 1.6 (Debian 5.0)
    Community Asterisk 1.4 & 2.3 (Debian 5.0) 

Version control systems (VCS)

    Git (Debian 5.0)
    Central Git repository via gitosis (Debian 5.0) 


    Key-based SSH authentication (Debian 5.0)
    Free CAcert SSL certificates (Debian 5.0) 

ERP / CRM and other enterprise applications

    ADempiere Business Suite (Debian 5.0)
    Lx-office ERP / CRM (Debian 5.0)
    Tryton ERP (Debian 5.0)
    Kimai time recording (Debian 5.0)
    + Zarafa Z-Push synchronization (Debian 5.0) 


    Magento Community Edition (Debian 5.0)
    OXID eShop Community Edition (Debian 5.0) 


    Mediatomb UPnP A / V media server (Debian 5.0)
    Fuppes UPnP A / V media server (Debian 5.0)
    Coherence DLNA UPnP media server (Debian 5.0)
    XBMC Media Center (Debian 5.0) 

Univention Corporate Server UCS

    Univention UCS 2.4 as Domain Controller Master
    Kerio Connect 7 Groupware (UCS Univention 2.4)
    Zimbra groupware 6 (UCS Univention 2.4 / Xen)
    Zarafa groupware 6.3 (UCS Univention 2.2)
    Univention UCS + Kolab Server and Nokia Symbian S60 synchronization (UCS Univention 2.4)
    Univention UCS + Kolab sync via Z-Push (UCS Univention 2.3) 

Other server services

    Proftpd server (Debian 6.0)
    AFP file server (Debian 5.0)
    TFTP server (Debian 5.0)
    Ejabberd jabber server (Debian 5.0)
    Gisgraphy server (Debian 6.0)
    i-doit CMDB (Debian 5.0) 

Alternative hardware

    Debian 5.0 on Linksys NSLU2 ( short version ) 

Debian GNU / Linux on the desktop / notebook
Desktop Environments and Window Managers

    XFCE 4.6 (Debian 5.0)
    Awesome window manager (Debian 5.0)
    Xmonad (Debian 5.0)
    StumpWM (Debian 5.0)
    SLiM login manager (Debian 5.0)
    Devil mirror (Debian 5.0) 


    Multimedia packages (Debian 5.0)
    TV on the internet watch online (Debian 5.0 64-bit)
    XBMC Media Center (Debian 5.0)
    Quod Libet audio player 2 (Debian 5.0) 

Various Applications

    Via configuration of Vim. Vimrc
    TeamViewer (Debian 5.0)
    Wicd network manager (Debian 5.0)
    Irssi IRC client (Debian 5.0)
    Password Manager KeePassX (Debian 5.0)
    Opera web browser (Debian 6.0) 

Programming and development environments

    Ruby on Rails (Debian 5.0)
    Unicorn, Nginx and Ruby on Rails Deployment (Debian 6.0)
    Ruby 1.8 / Rails 2.3 and Ruby 1.9 / 3 Rails (RVM) + Apache + Phusion Passenger (Debian 5.0)
    Apache + Phusion Passenger + Ruby multiple environments via RVM (Debian 5.0)
    Sun JDK Java6 (Debian 5.0)
    Lua environment (Debian 5.0) 


    Installing from a USB stick (Debian 5.0)
    Framebuffer (Debian 5.0)
    ATI / AMD fglrx driver (Debian 5.0)
    Atheros WLAN via madwifi (Debian 5.0)
    Manual installation of CUPS drivers (Debian 5.0)
    Own fonts (Debian 5.0)
    Host name and domain name change (Debian 6.0) 


    List of all podcasts on Linux and Open Source 

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