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Re: (almost solved) Re: [Feedback needed] "brcmsmac" wifi driver in testing

On Sun, 31 Jul 2011 14:53:03 +0000 (UTC), Camaleón writes:
> Tried with both ("-D nl80211" and reduced conf file) but I get the same ;-
> (
> ***
> Trying to associate with 00:26:44:df:60:91 (SSID='WLAN_6D' freq=2452 MHz)
> Authentication with 00:26:44:df:60:91 timed out.
> ***
> It cannot even associate with the AP, this cannot be normal. 
> Okay, let's make a brute-force test. I've removed the power cord of the 
> netbook and walked next to the AP, et voilà, now it associates fine...  
> go figure :-o

I really liked your attitude! Go Camaleón!

> Now at least I know all of the settings are fine and driver works, just 
> will have to dig a bit why on the earth it cannot associate with the AP 
> that on the next room...
> (5 minutes later...)
> Grrr! If I unplug the power cord it also connects fine from the original 
> place! WTF!! I'm afraid I have another thing that requires investigation.

Hrm... It seems to be the case that power cord produces a significant
amount of thermal noise that is propagated as interference to the WiFi
operating at wlan0. BTW, did you say wlan0 was working in the past?

> Well, thanks you both, Volkan and Brian, for hanging there. I will post 
> further findings I'll discover to make the connection stable but at least 
> now I have a place to start :-)

BTW, there appears to be a significant problem with your wifi channel
selection. That is,

1. There are actually 3 useable channels in the wifi spectrum: 1, 6, 11.
   (Yep, regulations changes from country to country, but...) By
   operating at 9th channel, you will be interfering with signals in
   both 6th and 11th channels. Hence, prefer either 1, 6, or 11.

2. If you want a higher range, prefer lower channels. That is, 1st
   channel will reach further distances compared to 11.


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