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Re: how do I create a kdm login for non-desktop user

> On 22/07/11 22:22, Jari Fredriksson wrote:
>> 22.7.2011 14:35, Mark Charles kirjoitti:
>>> For remote maintenance I want to add a default user called
>>> "fixme" with no password to the system.
>>> If the remote user has problems with their computer they should be able
>>> to press Enter and "fixme" will login and run a script connecting the
>>> machine to the internet and send me the IP address in an email.

> You'll want to use curl or such to scrape the IP from a web page after
> connecting - which would require running as root...
> If the remote user is behind a firewall, ifconfig may not get you the
> info you need anyway.

This exactly what I want thankyou!

>> - Set the shell for fixme to your script.

> Which won't run the script......

> <snipped>
> I am working on something similar - hence the script, please post your
> success here.

> Cheers

I will. likely do what you suggest

Many thanks - sorry if this reply is bad. Not at my computer so had to use Yahoo webmail >:-(

PS Small world, I think you built my friends computer
can I email you some questions?

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