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Problem with gnome-panel on Sid


I'm using Debian sid on several computers without any problem, but yesterday I boot one od them, recently updated and I have a lot of problem with gnome panels.

I usually had two panels (top and bottom), but when I started my gnome session, I can't see any of them.

When I press Alt+F1 the menu, and the entire top panel, is shown. The bottom panel is not shown, but if I maximize a Window, the space for the panel is still there. If I press the mouse right button in this space, I get the usual response of the desktop (change wallpaper, create folder...) instead the panel menu.

Today, with a second screen, I have a strange left-panel on it. It doesn't allow to add any applet, and if I look at its properties, I can see that is configured on the right side (it is shown on the left of the second screen).

Are somebody having a similar problem?
How can I check what upgraded package are causing the problem?
Can it be a problem with the Gnome3 packages recently added to sid?

Thanks in advance and best regards :-)

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