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Re: Networking -- use of two Internet connections for one server with round robin DNS -- web okay, but should I do mail this way too?

Brian wrote:
> Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> > They're not properly setup if they have a dynamic IP address, and most
> > xDSL customers get a dynamic IP.  Given that 95% of all email is spam,
> What is improper (technically incorrect) in the setup when sending email
> from a dynamic IP address?

It is one of practicality.  If you can identify a spammer then you can
block them.  Therefore to prevent blocks spammers try their best to
move around as much as possible.

Basically static IPs have a reputation associated with them.  I can
learn to trust or not to trust any particular IP address.  But dynamic
addresses are effectively anonymous.  They are faceless zombies and
endless in number.

A botnet army exists on virus infected machines almost singularly for
the purpose of sending spam.  They can attack you from literally a
thousand different IP addresses.  It isn't possible to blacklist them
because they get one IP address today and a different IP address
tomorrow.  All they need to do to defeat the blacklist is to obtain a
new address and move to it.  And there is a very large number of them.

But guess what?  All of those IP addresses exist in dynamic IP blocks!
By blocking mail from dynamic IP blocks I can block almost all of the
spam that attacks me.  Therefore it is one of practicality.

If you are going to send email then you need a static IP address.  It
is one of reputation and in this case the reputation is attached to
the IP address.  It is the only thing we have to grip upon.


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