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Re: KDE shortcut keys

On 2011-07-11 15:30, Sthu Deus wrote:
> I have up-to-date Debian6 w/ KDE 4.4.5. The problem is that I can not
> use shortcut keys - for clean experiment I did so under a new user - no
> effect. If it works in the named version, what I can do to make it
> working?

The problems with shortcut keys in KDE have a long story, e.g.


and I found it to be quite nerve-racking. Once it worked with patching,
the no longer after an update and so on.

In the end I chose xbindkeys which does a nice job with _all_ my keys,
even the Calculator key that seems to cause KDE trouble all over the
planet. ;-)

I invoke it a KDE startup of course and the config file is easily done
with an initial xbindkeys -mk before the first use.

Just my 2 centimes.


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