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Re: Want to build new Debian PC. Is IDE interface gone?

On 07/10/11 at 03:09pm, mark wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for components for a new PC to install debian on.  I've 
> been looking at motherboards (MSI & Gigabyte) and it seems that the 
> IDE interface no longer exists.  Is no more IDE interface the new 
> direction for PCs so that I will have to buy a SATA burner?

Ah, changes in hardware standards are the way of the world. I have some ISA
cards lying around still, but no machines which could possibly use them (:

I didn't realize IDE was no longer being provided, though. I bought a new
top-of-the-line computer last year and it still had them. Oh well, they had to
go sometime (: I think the last time I was annoyed about such a change was when
you couldn't get floppy drives anymore..


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