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Re: Game for toddlers

Ralf Mardorf wrote:
P.S.  Be sure to give the kids their own accounts, because they will
drag panels all over the screen, add countless "Untitled Folder"s to
the desktop, etc.  My kids also liked the idea of having a secret
password to log in.  I used our last name, so they could practice
spelling it.


+1 for tuxmath and especially for tuxpaint. When I worked for childcare
I installed Edubuntu 10.10 i386 on my machine. On my machine, not on the
machines of terres des hommes oberhausen :(, hopefully they checked out
to install the Windows version of tuxpaint.

I recommend http://www.edubuntu.org/.

alternatively, using a LiveCD or USB thumbdrive is a great way for kids to experience these programs without worrying about something going awry.

there is also a Debian-Jr list and packages that might be helpful.


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