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Re: netstat performance

On Ma, 05 iul 11, 18:13:06, William Hopkins wrote:
> The primary reasons are 1) reliability separate from your ISP and 2) verified
> correct results without NXDOMAIN spam and other such things. 

> Please believe point 2 is based in verified and somewhat commonly-known fact,
> and not paranoia (:

Well, my ISP has proven generally quite reliable, so I'm not terribly 
worried here. Regarding point 2) so far I've heard only of bad 
configuration (was that too long caching time?) from one ISP in Romania. 

What I really don't like is my ISP's OpenDNS-like feature of returning 
some search page whenever I'm looking for the wrong domain or just 
mistype. My local setup is pending a reconfiguration (new machine + new 
wireless router) and I'll consider your suggestion again at the time ;)

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