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Re: printing image full page

On 07/05/11 19:09, T o n g wrote:
On Tue, 05 Jul 2011 17:10:56 +0000, Camaleón wrote:

I'm looking for a script-able way to print any arbitrary image onto a
full printer page (letter, A4, etc). . .

Mmmm, not sure if you are looking for something like "lp file.jpg -o
fitplot" :-?

Can you do that? ... I can't wait to try it out ...
OMG, OMG, exactly what I wanted!
Thanks a billion, Camaleón!

I also tried it, with a few modifications. I created the following one line script, named photoprint:

lp $1 -d photo -o scaling=$2

Now, the command:

	photoprint filename ##

where filename is the name of the file that I want to print, and ## is the percentage of the page to use.

This allows me to print fullpage with:

	photoprint filename 100

or any other percentage that I want. According to the manpage, using '200' for the percentage will print across 4 pages (2 x 2). The "-d photo" sends the output to the printer configured through CUPS to print at higher resolution and colordepth than I normally use so that I can get good image prints when I need them, but not waste time and ink for my normal printing.

I have not tried printing at more than 100%, but it works perfectly at 50% and 25%.


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