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Re: Problem installing Debian

El 2011-07-04 a las 16:24 -0400, Robert Mansell escribió:

(resending to the list)

> To Camaleón,
> And then what happens? I insert the disk and the disk is spinning
> in the drive but the drive isn't reading the disk. 

Yes, it can be:

- Bad written ISO image
- Bad downloaded ISO image
- A mix of the two :-)
- Bad CD media
- Incompatible CD media (some optical readers have problems with special 
media like +RW or -RW)
- ...

I would first start by inserting the CD into another machine to discard 
a problem with the CD itself.

> Is it possible the install disk is in some way defective?

That depends of the level of "defectivity" :-)

If the disc surface is somehow damaged (scratched) maybe you can 
restore and retry. Some CD readers tolerate better this kind of errors 
than others.

If the ISO image has been written not as ISO but as normal data disc, 
no dice, you will have to rewrite the image again.



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