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Re: printing image full page

On 07/05/11 at 07:18am, Juan Sierra Pons wrote:
> > I'm looking for a script-able way to print any arbitrary image onto a
> > full printer page (letter, A4, etc).
> >
> > All the image viewing tools that I tried didn't give me such feature, and
> > so far the only solution I have is, <cough>, <cough>, doing it in winword.

> Hi,
> You can try with the convert command (from ImageMagick package) I used
> this long time ago for scripting some faxes.

(corrected) top-posting aside, imagemagick is the best solution. The convert
tool will easily convert from image format to postscript, which is well suited
to printing. If your printer is postscript capable already, you simply lp(r)

That said with the caveat that it has been a long time since I printed anything
so please forgive me if things have changed.


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