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Re: Urgent XFS Recovery

On Mon, Jul 04, 2011 at 10:54:34AM +0300, yazicivo wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an XFS partition, which is
> 1) Mistakenly quick formatted as FAT16.  2) At first, I couldn't see
> in "fdisk -l" that it is set to FAT16, instead of Linux. Hence tried
> to fix it with xfs_recover. xfs_recover returned 0, and mount
> operation succeeded; but mounted fs size appeared as 20GB (despite it
> is 350GB) and almost every the file is missing.  3) Later set the type
> of /dev/sda1 (the only partition in /dev/sda) to Linux, re-run
> xfs_recover, but nothing changed.
> I open the system with Knoppix, and below are the details of the
> current status. I need urgent help to recover the files. I will be
> really, really appreciated for any help!

Axel Freyn's suggestion seems good one.  Just keep them never written
over and save data.  

When I checked disk recovery tool, I found testdisk package seems very
popular and supports XFS.

See my list of recovery Debian tools:

Also, around that section, I have some basic tricks described :-)

Good luck,


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