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Printer Settings

Hi :)

using system-config-printer I tried to get a HP DeskJet 600 working.
It's printing in disgusting quality only. Years ago I used the same
printer. The setup was easy to do and the printing quality was
excellent, I can't remember if it was on Debian, but at least it was
Linux. If I try to print by best quality using Debian today, the
printing is deformed. Standard and draft printings are disgusting, much
more worse than they should be.

On Ubuntu Maverick it's a little bit better. The recommended driver "HP
Deskjet 600 hpijs, 3.10.6 [en]" is unusable, regarding to the bad
printing quality, but there's another driver "HP Deskjet 600 - CUPS
+Gutenprint v5.2.6 [en]" and using this one, the quality for printing
fonts is ok, just pics are still printed in a disgusting quality.

Until now for Debian I only can chose between "HP Deskjet 600 hpijs,
3.11.5 [en]" and "HP Deskjet 600, hpcups 3.11.5 [en]", both drivers
cause a bad printing quality for fonts and pics.

Later today I'll try to get this "+Gutenberg" driver for Debian too, but
as mentioned before even this one isn't ok.

Is there still an old driver usable today? I know that Linux + this
printer can do very much better.

Is there a way to set up everything, so that it will work? By
system-config-printer some settings can't be done and others don't work.

FWIW as soon as I have got the time to do it, I'll test if Suse 11.2
still works with this old printer. I suspect Debian and Ubuntu to drop
too much old hardware, perhaps I've got better luck with Suse.

        If possible, please carbon copy to my email address, since I'm
        receiving digest only.



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