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RE: Urgent XFS Recovery

Title: RE: Urgent XFS Recovery

On Mon 7/4/2011 2:41 PM, shawn wilson wrote:
> So, you didn't mention your backup policy. I'm guessing this means you had
> none?

I had one, but it was damaged 2 days before the original fs crash. Moreover, if I would have one, I wouldn't be bugging you right now.

> So, the question is, how much is this data worth to you? If you made a
> backup before you started playing with it, it might not be more than $500
> for a data recovery company to get your stuff back. If you didn't make that
> post 'oh shit' backup, your chance of recovering yourself went exponentially
> down and the price of getting someone else to get your stuff went
> exponentially up. If this is business, its possible your insurance might
> cover some of the cost (donno).

Price is fine with me, the problem is that there is no such company I know of in Turkey. Any suggestions?

> If the data isn't worth money but you'd still like it back ...

The data is important for me and worths money.

> Last thing; you probably want to get away from the computer for a bit. If
> you keep at it without a break you'll probably wonder into more stupidity.

Thanks for your valuable comments, they were full of insight and shed a thousand suns on the solution.


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