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Re: OT: Camaleón

On 07/03/2011 03:25 PM, Lisi wrote:
On Sunday 03 July 2011 21:44:21 Paul Scott wrote:
"Camaleón" is a sort of nickname I chose long time ago because of the
openSUSE mascot (Geeko). It translates as "Chameleon" in English.
Actually gecko and chameleon are different varieties of lizards.  Both
words are used in English and don't translate to each other.
I think that Camaleón meant that her name translates to Chameleon in English,
which is correct.  She said that she chose the nickname because of the
openSUSE mascot, which she correctly called a gecko in English.  It is a
gecko.  And I am sure that she knows that gecko and chameleon are both
varieties of lizard.  That surely is the point??

Works for me.



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