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Re: monitor detection maybe not working - another try

On Sun 03 Jul 2011 at 00:17:16 -0700, Paul Scott wrote:

> I believe that if my monitor info were being read correctly I would have  
> no problem with monitor resolution.  Is is possible that I just need to  
> file a bug against read-edid?

More likely the bug would be in the kernel but I'm no expert. As far as
I can see the read-edid package is not necessary for X to probe the
monitor. It's not on any of my machines.

You probably can't pin-point when X ceased to give 1280x1024, can you?
It might help if it came to a bug report. If a Squeeze live cd gave this
resolution it would be supporting evidence.

As Camaleón said, you could wait for further changes in Sid and the
problem might be rectified, but a bug report would speed the process. 

Your Xorg.0.log seems ok except

> [ 96967.536] (II) NOUVEAU(0): EDID for output VGA-1

should be followed by a block of data relating to the monitor. The same
data should appear in 'xrandr --prop'.

In the meantime a modes line in xorg.conf would restore the monitor's
optimum resolution in X.

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