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Re: Experience of Debian in a Macbook pro


On 03/07/11 14:19, lee wrote:
Jerome BENOIT<jgmb65@rezozer.net>  writes:

The very first stage is to install refit ( http://refit.sourceforge.net/ ) from Mac OS X.
And then Debian can be installed quite as usual.
For more details see http://wiki.debian.org/MacBookPro

Thanks for the info :)  It seems once you get refit working, you could
use a Debian installer CD and get it installed.  However, the Mac sucks
too much to try: You can't install more then two disks,

what do you mean by disk ?

 and you can't
install any of them in the right orientation.

I am getting more confused here:
are you dealing with a MacBookPro or a MacPro ?

  I have another disk I
could use (if the Mac supports SATA disks),  but since it's always been
installed in the right orientation, it's too likely to fail.

Your issues seem rather as hardware issues.


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