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Re: pre-seed was Re: Headless Install Debian Squeeze

On 03/07/11 00:01, Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	I downloaded the following image:
> debian-
> 	So, my questions all boil down to, "Can you take that
> off-the-shelf image and introduce your pre-seed configurations
> such that they happen automatically?"

AFAIK - no.

> I am on another list that deals with the project of making
> ubuntu live CD's and gnome accessible to blind computer users
> and a similar thread was started by somebody else concerning
> making the speech output just come up automatically when booting
> the live CD. I now realize we were asking the same questions.

The simplest approach would seem to be using a USB installer, that would
require no remastering of an ISO image.

Chain loading a preseed configuration file comes close to what you want
- but it does require customising the original preseed.cfg:-


There's a good overview of the preseed process here:-
Unfortunately it has tables in it.

The debian wiki has some links to various preseed references,
unfortunately they mostly seem dated:-

And I'm assuming the bsd iso you've chosen supports these options.


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