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Re: pre-seed was Re: Headless Install Debian Squeeze

	I downloaded the following image:


I am still a bit confused as to whether one can use a pre-seed
file with that CD without remastering it or having to arrow
down. It is not that those steps are a big problem, but if one
is going to do a headless install which is much like what
computer users who are blind do, the process works best when
there is the smallest number of steps involved. If I can plug in
a thumb drive, put a CD in the tray and boot, these are steps
that have little possibility for error. That would be the
preferred method for new installations or remote installations
where the target system is not in arm's reach.

	If an off-the-shelf iso image can be made to work this
way, that's just gravy which may be an American expression that
means something really good above and beyond what one hoped for.

	I can certainly put in the disk, wait until it quiets
down, hit the Down arrow 3 times and type a command but if I put
a file named config.txt or something similar on a thumb drive
that the CD reads while booting up, that's even more useful.
	So, my questions all boil down to, "Can you take that
off-the-shelf image and introduce your pre-seed configurations
such that they happen automatically?"

I am on another list that deals with the project of making
ubuntu live CD's and gnome accessible to blind computer users
and a similar thread was started by somebody else concerning
making the speech output just come up automatically when booting
the live CD. I now realize we were asking the same questions.

	I have really appreciated all the answers which ahve
been sent both to the list and to me. They have been in the best
Unix tradition.

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