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Re: Squeeze: How to hide certain partitions in Nautilus

On 02/07/11 03:29, Hoang Le wrote:
>> There can be another possibility. How does you "/etc/fstab" file look
>> like? If you manually add this two volumes at "/etc/fstab" they will
>> be considered as static mount points and there you can choose "noauto"
>> to avoid automatic mounting at boot (I hope GNOME honors this setting).
>> Greetings,
>> --
>> Camaleón
> Dear Camaleón,
> Another guy (Scott) suggested that solution but I didn't work. Maybe
> Gnome in Squeeze is organized a little bit different than original
> Gnome
> Best regards,
> Hoang

Hi Hoang Le,
            sorry to hear my suggestion did not work.

As I don't run Gnome, you're best sticking with Camaleón if possible -
she does run Gnome and won't be working from theory, whereas I am.

If all attempts to hide those drives using fstab entries fail - re-post
 cc-ing me (busy time of year and I don't read the whole list) and I'll
try and walk you through the proposed udev solution.


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