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Re: GRUB failure

I have a "laptop" computer with winXP Pro, Unbuntu 8.04 and Debian 5 (I think it is 5), installed.


I will also add, I am not sure which partition you had grub booting from. Ubuntu or Debian...

But the version of grub that was installed is important. Debian Testing or "Wheezy" is using Grub2, I forget if Debian Stable or "Squeeze" was updated to use Grub2 before release, or what version of Grub will be on the Ubuntu system if it was your Boot Partition..

What ever the case, use a Live CD with the corresponding version of Grub otherwise it won't work...

Current Knoppix uses Grub2. If your systems were up to date it is good odds they were using grub2 as well...

If you mount the boot partition there will be a modules directory for grub, I forget the path though, something like /etc/grub/modules.d/ a grub1 install will have a /boot/grub/menu.lst file for sure... Grub2 removed that and went to the module directory set up.

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