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pre-seed was Re: Headless Install Debian Squeeze

	I just did a Google search on Debian Squeeze and
pre-seed files and found a document describing what all can be
placed in to such a file. What I did not see yet is a mechanical
description of how to introduce the file to the installation
process. I think it can be introduced on a USB stick or possibly
even a floppy although the USB stick method would work on just
about any P.C. made in the last 15 years. I understand that the
installer looks for drives plugged in to the USB ports and that
the pre-seed file must have a certain name.

	If this is how the process works, it is a great leap
forward. I imagine one can configure the serial console and
there appear to be directives in a pre-seed file to set up a
safe ssh server that one could also use over one's network.

	I must admit that I have been using Debian since about
2001 or so and the installation process just keeps getting
better but I was not aware of the idea of the pre-seed file
until recently. This should make it easier to configure or
misconfigure multiple systems exactly the same way.

	One person on this list was trying to do a remote
headless install and had to custom-configure a CD for this
purpose. I imagine that if you are not in the same room as the
actual hardware, you may be forced to do that, but the pre-seed
file could fix all that. One would just plug in the thumb drive,
install the CDROM and boot

	Please tell me if I am wrong and also where there is a
good document on the nuts and bolts of what media one can put
the pre-seed file on and what you call it so the live CD finds
it and incorporates it in to the boot process.

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