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utility for drive disturbing

Good time of the day.

I want to install an utility for disturbing (writing a byte every
N seconds in order to stop it move its head to a landing zone) a mounted
HDD until it is unmounted because I have the one of those well known
green models from WD that lands its head every 8 seconds, AFAIK.
Because the disc works as external drive and it is impossible for now
to connect it directly to SATA interface, I want to bring about the
trick w/ the back grounded process (accomplishing it w/ watch and echo
a byte to the drive) until it is killed on un-mounting the drive (but
how I can find out what is the PID (being ran from a bash script)?

Before, I tried w/ another drive, another manufacturer that was
connected directly to SATA controller and hdparm did not work for it -
only the trick helped greatly.

As for the drives power management, as I understand it - there is poor
support for working/managing in linux yet, additional movements are
required as to make a DOS floppy or whatever - not directly running
from the distro...

Thanks for Your time.

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